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Roadrunner in flightRoadrunner in flightThough with very fast feet and agility the Roadrunners choose to be on the ground and prefer not to use their wings often, They do have the ability to fly short distances if needed.

Two Pallid Bats Skim while the Owl Baths Spring arrival Pallid bats skim for water on the Pond at Elephant Head.


The Pond at Elephant Head, 

a great place to photograph birds, mammals, butterflies, bats, insects and reptiles.  
Near to the world-renowned Madera Canyon just south of Tucson Arizona.

Located on the migration route of many birds and bats,

The Pond at Elephant Head offers a great diversity of animals as well as a fenced location to ensure the privacy and security of your stay.

The Pond offers many great perches, native plants, shrubs, rocks, and moveable nature props.  Moveable camouflage blinds are available. 
A restroom, refrigerator, and bottled water are supplied to make your visit to The Pond enjoyable and comfortable.
A 1600 sq ft area for hummers and other studio work available.

For more Information, Prices, Directions and Availability:



Northern Cardinal Enjoying the sunset

Up Close EncounterThe Greater Roadrunner, a beautiful member of the Sonora Desert comes in close to a remote triggered camera.

Whiskered Owl BathA small Western Whiskered Owl baths in the Pond at Elephant Head


Birds Mammals Bats Reptiles/Insects

Hooded Oriole

Bullock’s Oriole

Greater Road Runner


Cooper’s Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk

Lesser Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

House Finch

Brewer’s Blackbird


Ladderback Woodpecker

Gila Woodpecker

Mourning Dove


Cactus Wren 

Western Kingbird 

Vermillion Flycatcher


Northern Cardinal 

Gamble’s Quail 

Turkey Vultures

Canyon Towhee

Green Tailed Towhee

Rufous Crown Sparrow

Brewers Sparrow

White Crown Sparrow

Says Phoebee

Inca Dove


Whitewing Dove

Black Tailed Jackrabbit

White Tailed Jackrabbit

Antelope Squirrel


Cottontail Rabbit 

Kangaroo Rat 

Pallid Bat

Big Brown Bat

Long Ear Myotis

Lesser Longnose Bat

Mexican Longnose Bat



Gulf Fritillary



Horned Lizards 

Diamondback Rattlesnake

Colorado River Toads


The First Step in Tequila ProductionsThe lesser Longnose bat Pollinates the agave flowers as they attain the energy needed to continue on their way pass the Pond at Elephant Head Good Morning Mr. RoadrunnerRoadrunner Arizona

Vermilion Flycatcher Perched in the mosquite trees above The Pond Pallid Bat Skimming For water in the Arizona Desert Being WatchedA western Screech owl watches as the Long Ear Myotis grabs a drink